• instalatii sanitare, instalatii termice
    NISAL S.R.L. is a company with integral private capital, founded in 1966.
  • ventilatii, instalatii termice
    Since 2003 the company has made a qualitative leap in the entire activity, resulting in increasing the number of clients and business partners.
  • instalatii
    installations: heating, Plumbing, air conditioning
  • climatizare
    ventilation, fire, gas
  • servicii instalatii
    heating with radiators
instalatii Nisal instalatii Nisalinstalatii Nisal


  • installations: heating, Plumbing, air conditioning
  • ventilation, fire, gas

Civil and industrial heating equipment

  • heating radiators
  • radiant panel
  • heating with heating
  • fan coil heating

Civil and industrial Plumbing

  • hot / cold water
  • drains inside / outside
  • sanitary installation
  • water management, sewage pumping stations
  • oil separator and wastewater treatment

Civil and industrial air conditioning systems

  • split system
  • Multisplit system
  • Chiller and fan coils
  • Proklima systems

Civil and industrial ventilation

  • fresh air input and extraction
  • air handling units
  • smoke ducts
  • exhaust gas duct

Civil and industrial installations fire

  • inside and outside installations of fire hydrants
  • sprinkler and drencer systems
  • pumping station and water tank

Gas networks

  • plants use methane gas

Industrial compressed air equipment

References: City Hall Cluj Napoca

instalatii primaria Cluj

Multifunctional sports hall Cluj Napoca, Plumbing, fire, heating, ventilation and outdoor facilities
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