• instalatii sanitare, instalatii termice
    NISAL S.R.L. is a company with integral private capital, founded in 1966.
  • ventilatii, instalatii termice
    Since 2003 the company has made a qualitative leap in the entire activity, resulting in increasing the number of clients and business partners.
  • instalatii
    installations: heating, Plumbing, air conditioning
  • climatizare
    ventilation, fire, gas
  • servicii instalatii
    heating with radiators
instalatii Nisalinstalatii Nisalinstalatii Nisal


In the present, the company has 56 employers, such as:

  • 6 engineers, which: 3 designers and 3 execution engineers, 3 of which are authorized ANRE I D degree, authorized ANRE II T degree, authorized ISCIR RSL ,RVT,RTS, authorized ISU , a technical person for PSI and an evaluator of health and safety risks at work and occupational diseases
  • 6 chief supervisor of which one is a technician for systems and limited installations and fire fighting
  • 43 workers, of which:
    • 12 sudori;
    • 12 welders -2 authorized ISCIR CR9-2010 111 T BW 1.1 B t5,0 D168,3 PF ss nb;
    • one authorized CR9-2010 311 T BW 1.1 B t3,2 D48,3 PF ss nb;
    • one authorized CR9-2010 111 T BW 1.1 B t4,0/5,0 D1143/168.3 PA ml;
    • one authorized CR9-2010 111 T+P FW 1.2 B t04/12 D89,0 PF ss nb;
    • 18 plumbers for heating instalations, sanitary and gas – 4 authorized ANRE III D degree;
    • 2 automationers;
    • 4 locksmiths;
    • 7 tinsmiths (for mounting the ventilation installations);
  • - auxiliary personnel: 1 person

References: City Hall Cluj Napoca

instalatii primaria Cluj

Multifunctional sports hall Cluj Napoca, Plumbing, fire, heating, ventilation and outdoor facilities
-Work in progress-